28 February 2011

6 Month reflections

I made it through the first 6 months!!! I say that with great excitement as I am not known to sticking to one thing for too long! It's had it's ups and downs but all in all I love my locs.

Notice the picture on the computer screen, that was my hair last month, growth already!!

Ignore the lighting on this one my skin is really playing as well but you get the idea!

The slight wave you see is the result of a flat twist out that I done on Saturday evening after I washed my hair. It turned out alright I think but will look even better with some more length.

-After 6 months on loc down it seems as though my hair is starting to loc, I am also noticing that it is growing as well.
- I am enjoying the freestyling of my locs although I wish the length was more uniform. I have done a braid out,a flat twist out and 2 cornrow styles in 6 months!
- My consultants chair is really uncomfortable and I am starting to "dread" my retight appointments as I end up suffering back pains anything up to 2 weeks after
- I have realised that the mountain of "grease" I used to apply to my hair was not needed to keep my hair moisturised, but that I do still need something...just haven't figured out what as my hair is quite dry and the ends break due to this
- I still get plenty of curious looks when out and about

My Routine
- I still braid and band when  washing
- I sleep on a satin headscarf tied to my pillow as wearing one directly makes me too hot at night
- I spritz with water sometimes!!
- Daily styling is running my hands through my hair...simples! lol

- Freedom baby!!
- Save a ton on the "latest" product
- Not constantly worrying about my next weave!

- My mother  when talking to me, avoids looking at the top of my head
- Shampooing! I hate braiding and banding! I lost my sisterlocks starter shampoo and my consultant hasn't got any more. I have been having a hard time finding a good shampoo. I find that after I have shampoo'ed my hair that t looks grey in colour and that there is build up in my hair which as I don't use products, I have no idea where it stems from.
- My scalp itches from dry scalp

All in all it's been a great experience and I am looking forward to the next 6 months xx


Bajan Lily said...

Happy half year!
I really like the second pic, they're definitely looking like locs now (not twists Heheh).
Soon, mummy, soon. Xxx

Mrs Mac's Corner... said...

lol thanks hun, getting there! xx

Nai said...

I used Neutrogena T Gel shampoo from the start, it was good. Not sure why i still dont use it. (bored easily?) Nizoral is good too.

Mrs Mac's Corner... said...

Lol, I went out and brought the T Gel, think i might have got the wrong one as it is super strong and the smell ugh! I think that's just inspired another post!