04 August 2010

So it was in the beginning...

Welcome to my blog. I have titled this post "So it was in the beginning" in recognistion that we were all born with the natural hair that God gave us. Having said that I have not always been thankful for the blessing and have had constant ongoing battles with my hair. I have gone from:


Locks (Interlocks)

Natural (after lock take down!)

Hmmm the Jeri!!
Canerow Styles

Weaves my current style today!

I have to admit that some of these styles i really loved, but over the years my creativety has been lacking and in all honesty "i really cant be bothered" with the latest style, weave etc. My hair has been pretty resilient to all the changes i have put it through and I am thankful that I still have some left!

The first steps...

Well I woke one day and said enough is enough! as you can see from the picture trail I had installed locks at one stage before. This was in 2007, I only had them in for around 8 months but every since I took them down regretted the desision. There was more than one reason for me taking them down...at the time i finished having them installed, I found out I was preganant with my second child. Within 3 months the whole of my body trippled in size due to water retension and I suffered from all day sickness. One day I got up and my hair was fuzzy and unkempt looking even though I had just had them retightened not too long before, I decided THEY GOTSTA GO! It took about 2 days of me and Mr Mac unpicking and greasing to get back to my natural state. And of course within months of having DD2 and a bald patch left in the middle from post pregnancy shedding I regretted and wished I hadnt.

So present day, I googled Sisterlocks (TM) which is what I had orginally wanted and started reading endless blogs and asking questions, I was sad to see that a few of the old bloggers were not updating anymore but grateful for the ones out there. After phoning a few consultants in my area and speaking with some very helpful ladies on blogger I had my consultaion booked for next Friday....I cant wait...let the count down begin...

Follow me on my journey and please let me know you've stopped by from time to time x


Bajan Lily said...

Welcome!!! Whatever you decide I know this is gonna be good!

I can't wait to follow your journey - come what may.

All the best with your consultation!

SeZ said...

Sexual Chocolate lol