10 August 2010

The day is fast approaching...but there is confusion!!

Well it is only 3 more days until my consultation for sl's and I must admit that I am growing ever more confused. I took out my weave as that darned thing was creeping up my neck (you all know what i mean!!) and have been left with a head of napptural hair. Now don't get me wrong, but this is what I am having to deal with...
Loose naps

Length deception
And hair combed through half an hour ago that wants to lock already!!
Being the sort of person who I am, i am not into spending hours doing anything so untangling my hair every hour or so is not an option. I know you may think, why not style? well the reasno for this is that by the time i style it will be time to take down for the consultation so i am kinda stuck in a half way house!

Through sheer frustration I have started to write together questions i want to ask the consultant, but then it also dawned on me after seeing some gorgeous locked sista's walking around int he town center near my home that I may not have considered ALL the options. One of he things that attracted me to sl's is the size. I know the sl veterans get alot of questions asked about their sizes etc...vets please beer with us newbies in our information gathering stage! Having said that one of the heads I saw over the weekend had locks almost the diameter of strings: Me to DH "look at those locks aren't they beautiful" he agreed and in chorus said "but they tooooo small". Now of course each to their own, where what i think are micro's might suit someone else, i really dont think i have the time nor patience to do that! they were lovely though.

So i asked around fellow bloggers about some of their experiences (thank you ladies!!) which has helped me define what is important to me when i consider my locks
  • They got to be small BUT manageable
  • I think i will prefer latching to palm rolling for my locs as I am quite an oily person
  • I MUST have uniformed partings in the front for styling in canerows etc

So i have also been looking at traditional small locks started by other methods and here is MY verdict
  • Comb twists - Just wouldn't work for me
  • Braid loc - I love them but the thought of carrying out my own maintennance and not having the support of a loctician in the beginning petrifies me
  • 2 strand twists - I have a case of permanent itchees although my scalp is not dry and a serious case of hand in hair diesease so i can see me unraveling them
Which leaves me with the options of:
  • Sisterlocks (TM)
  • Locs started by a latchook
Now of course both options have their pro's and cons. So that is where I am at with my research at the moment, it is so hard to find bloggers who have started with unbranded latchook methods but I have come across some locticians/sista's who can do this. The most important things are what was stated above, so now I am left with the main issue....THE PRICE!

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Good luck at your consultation!