18 August 2010

Test Locs

Ok, so I have had my tester locs put in and although I have done an immense amount of research it was really good to have the consultant take me through everything again. As a part of the consultation we discussed sizes and I was told I have a tight curl pattern with medium density (at that point the mind was saying blah, blah, blah!) but what that equates to is that the best sizing for me would be small or small to medium to allow for volume without having the lions mane.

So these are the testers the day they were installed...

And these are the same area's photographed 4 days later...notice the curling up already??

Now if you've read my opening posts you will find that size is one of my fixations...I know it shouldnt be, but somewhere down the line I want to be able to DIY without becoming frustrated with the process, being recommended for the smaller of the locking sizes has given me food for thought. From research I knew that starter locs are small, but trust me....they really are tiny lol

So all in all...I have a few days to make my decisions, do I go with what I planned originally, or do I take the advice of a consultant...One thing is definately for sure and that is...I want to loc...and soon!

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Gerrylocs said...

Hey there Mrs Mac..

Also check out Big Curls Don't Cry blog... I think she had extensions she recently took down..and they looked very nice :)

all the best..