04 September 2010

Whatcha lookin at??

So It's been a week tomorrow of my install and this week has been interesting indeed... I went from not wanting to go out due to a lack of confidence to "Ima do what I want" type attitude!

One thing that I half expected but not to the level that I have been receiving is the stares that make me wanna say WHATCHA LOOKIN AT?? I know people must be curious about what is going on up in my head but being the shy person I am, it really makes me feel uncomfortable. According to my daughter she states "dont worry what they say mummy, cause you can tell them there are a lot of horses walking around without tails right now, and one day your hair will be longer than their weaves!" lol bless her! It does however make me feel a little more self concious about how i present myself and this coupled with the fact that I heard some sniggering as I walked past a group of young girls the other day doesn't help. Other than that, I have been getting compliments from my nearest and dearest and words of encouragement so am staying focussed.

Before I sign off here are some pics as of today, day 6. Notice how it looks kinda different already? Oh and I had serious ends that were not locked into a pattern, nearly an inch or more on some, so I started to twist the unlocked portion of the wild ones! probably not advisable but i like it much better lol

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SeZ said...

Hey you,
I see that you have started being loced and sassy already lol. Great start and with each passing week you will notice the change and love it. Happy locing girly.