16 September 2010

S.O.S Fellow lockers?!

OK, so this is not the lick! I am in desperate need of help on this one. My fellow lockers, I have only been locked for 2 1/2 weeks now. My consultant advised me to wait a while until my first retight in another 2 weeks so I haven't washed. All I have done is spray my hair lightly with water, finger comb (no styling!) and tie my head at night with a scarf. Low and behold I have noticed for a few days now that when i do "run my fingers through my hair" that I am able to find at least 5 of them that are trying to do naughty things to the lock next to it! I know that you are supposed to seperate after washing, but as I have not yet washed I am really panicking about this cause I have to have MrMac up in my head helping me seperate them and my scalp is now on fire. What am I doing wrong? I dont know how much more I can take of finding these locks trying to join each other, the pain is just too much...is there anybody with any advice? ideas?

On another note I had DD1 count my locks yesterday 519 locks!! we weer only going for around 370, heck she had a chart and even planned how much would go where! how on earth did i end up with so many, great, now I am scared to death about washing and now about when it comes to retight. Me and MrMac are supposed to be going on a hot date (like the old days) next weekend and all the above coupled with my lacking styling skills...oh i dunno..guess it's safe to say I am not feeling too fly right now!...rant over I guess


rmcandlelight said...

I'm a new follower :)

Sounds like your hair grows really fast. Just be patient and keep doing what your doing.


Nai said...

No need to worry, spritzing with water and hair growth will cause your hair to do the above, its natural ... :) Just gently separate by gently running fingers thru. I have to do this a lot. lt isn't a problem. There really should not be any pain, so speak to your consul.
The amount of locks you have, i think, depends on the density of your hair. again why worry? thicker hair = more locks .. (sisterlocks that is) I read somewhere that in order to have sisterlocks you need 400 and above ... don't quote me ... I can't remember the source.
Finally, I would not consider/ worry about styling until they settle and loc ...

Mrs Mac's Corner... said...

Thank you for your comments rmcandlelight and Nai. I have spoken to my consultant and we came up with some theories. As I dont spritz everyday but I am a person that sweats alot this could be contributing to the roots tanlging as well of course as the new growth. It still hurts to seperate them so she will e looking at this next week when i visit.

With the amount of locks I was just suprised as the consultant had only planned for around 370 so we are about 150 more lol, but true words, not to worry.

Thank you guys x