11 November 2010

Been Missing for a while but still here!

Hey ya'll I haven't posted in a while but as the title says, I am still here!!

Since my last post I have had 2 retightenings and am currently attempting to create a style for my Work Dinner Dance black tie event this weekend. My first style took ten minutes I got it done yesterday and oh my days it really itches like crazy!! It is a simple canerowed updo and I am trying to get some sort of bun going on up there...with the addition of fake hair (GASP...yep I said it...weave onnnnnnn lol). Not saying that my natural hair wouldn't be enough to style, but for the weekend not the style I want lol (dont be rolling your eyes at me!!)

Anyhows, I will try not to ramble too much, my hair has changed quite a bit since last posting, there are two pics showing a change in the back as well as the style and a glimse of the one I am trying to create. After the dance I will post pics from the night and after I take down the canerow pics of my hair in it's own state. lol
Back In September


Trying a ting...Dont laugh!!
My consultant has said that she is pleased with the way my hair is coming along and feels that it wont take no time to lock up. I feel it is settling in well, my only gripe is that the locks at the front are really tiny and I have asked to combine them but she feels that they are the right size. Even after having a retight they join themselves back together and just look like one big mess, the medium sized ones are doing well and some of the small in the crown of my head have been combined. I might not know what I am talking about but I wish I had stuck to my gut instinct about them being medium instead of small in area's cause not even 3 months in and I dont think there is a straight line goingthrough my head!! May have to get someone to look at it for me...

Anyway, till after the dance...x