16 March 2011

Itchy Scalp...Dry Hair

The product junky in me is resurfacing! I have been having terrible trouble with dry itchy scalp and dry hair that is becoming brittle.

At frst I thought it was the sisterlocks shampoo as that left me scratching straight away, so I discontinued using it. Then I have found myself having to use harsher shampoos as my consultant says that I have a little build up. So far I have tried:

Pantene Clarifying Shampoo - That was good for cleaning my hair but as I was using a bottle I had for ages the last wash left my hair grey!

Mane N Tail Shampoo - That was the bomb!! but due to it's moisturising qualities my hair felt like silk, I will use this after I am fully locked as I dont want to risk my hair turning to soft cotton wool!

Jamaican Mango and Lime Tingle Shampoo - Smelt like it would do the job but again my hair had a grey cast when it was washed out

Neutragena T Gel with coal tar - Wasnt too bad but left my hair really dry as for my scalp, it was less itchy for a while

V05 Kiwi Lime Clarifying Shampoo - Brilliant for cleaning I was shocked at how dirty my hair really was! but my scalp is constantly scratching and my hair feels brittle and is breaking with the least friction

Now the problem is I am 6 months into my journey and my cosultant says that my hair is locking fast which is good but with the dry scalp and itching issues I really am starting to get disheartened. The shampoo that does work for me is still too moisturising for me at this stage. I dont think I have an actual scalp condition as my skin is contradictory all over. For example I suffer with dry skin, on my legs I have a condition named Icthyosis for which I use creams with urea and if you take a closer look at some of my pics, on my face I have small dry patches of exema. In total contradiction I sweat an abnormal amount and it can be simply from getting ready in the morning and putting on my clothes. So if I relate that to my scalp it is the same thing, I have dry scalp but then at least once a day it gets drenched in sweat and then goes back to being dry and itchy.

I have managed to go 6 months without using anything apart from water on my hair and scalp but I think it is safe to now say that my scalp does not produce enough oils to moisturise my hair.

Ohhhhhh, right now jsut so frustrated. My consultant is not really knowledgeable on hair so this means it is difficult to get recomendations and help

07 March 2011

Just a pic

I attended my father in laws home dinner get together this weekend and was pleased with my hair so I thought I would document it. Excuse the glasses, I had a drink or two and no matter what I did my eyes kept coming out funny in the pic!