05 January 2011

My Partings...

As you know I've been looking into the partings situation and identifying any possible problems that I may have so that I can rectify them sooner rather than later and here are the pics...what do you think am I being anal?

Center part...take one

Center part take two...trying a different angle, dunno if you can see it but the front two to the left are actually in the center part

Until next time x

04 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Wishing all my readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2011, I hope all your dreams and wishes are achieved.

Well, it has been a busy holiday season with both sets of parents coming around for our first Christmas dinner at home...can you imagine...I aint never cooked so much food in my life lol and the last thing I wanted to worry about was my hair. Thank God for sisterlocks! I decided I would go and get another canerow style after my retightening and my little one practically begged to let her do the canerows, now I must admit I was apprehensive, not that I dont believe that she could do it, just was worried that it wouldnt be what I expected. With a hairdresser you can tell them you dont like it...with a 12 year old you gotta be more diplomatic!

That being said, I must admit, she doen a pretty good job! not perfect but better than I expected. The style is simple canerow with a plaited ponytail for variety! Now I know the use of external hair might no be for some, but for me making my own ponytail adds to my styling and besides, it was a special occassion!

Overall the process of my hair has been good, it is growing and forming nicely. I am still braiding and banding which gets on my nerves but I understand why so will stick with it. The sisterlocks shampoo, I am not o thrilled with. It leaves me with a very dry scalp which itches for days after. I also have been told that in my back row I have...BUILD UP! I dont use products on my hair only occassional water but I am what you call an oily person and sweat all the time including winter so oftern times my scalp is hot and sweaty...hence a build up of all. I have found that the shampoo is not shifting this oil only drying the scalp so I am looking on various blogs to see if there are any other recommendations.

I am becoming more and moer frustrated with the parting structure and am thinking I need a second opinion. I think i blogged before about the ones at the front being really small and I was concerned about the partings then. Now nearly half of the front ones have been combined which further changed the partings and it is hard to find anything resembling a straight one. I wouldn't mind so much as I want healthy roots at my locs but what is frustrating is that when I mention it, I feel as though I am being dismissed and told "that is just how it is". I think my next post will show what I am talking about and maybe anyone reading can advise me whether to seek a second opinion. If it is dodgy then I have to have it rectified asap. For now here is a pic with my hair out and as promised a pic from the Dinner Dance in November x