28 April 2011

New Revalations and a change in direction...nevertheless the same outcome

Some of you may know that I have been considering a range of things for my locs stemming from dissapointment with the way in which my locs have been progressing in terms of size, partings etc as well as critisisms from the closest woman in my life...my mum. After my recent trials and tribulations with the haphazard combining of weaker and wrongly installed mega micro locs, I decided to go ahead and install loc extensions to my locs. Now I know that this changes the direction of things and some may not agree with what I have done but as far as I am concerned...I love them and that is all that matters. 
So what do I have now? well i have a mixture of braidlocs (some that were restarted and not locked by my consultant), twist locs (some that were too small to braid were twisted), remenants of sisterlocs (i say remenants because my partings over time were defaced) and loc extensions consisting of 2-3 inches at the ends. Now I know it may not look like much of a difference but it is funny how overnight I felt my confidence grow! I have not wore my hair short like previously since I was 14 years old and the majority of my adult life has been with me in single plaits. Even my husband said to me that although he loved my locs as they were, that he hasn't seen me smile as much as I do now, which is lovely. I am not giving them a name or a brand and I am sure there will be many different enterpretations of this so for now they are MY locs, MrsMac's locs. If you buy a TV in the shop and take it home and add a DVD player is it no longer a TV?

Am I worried about the effect on my locs? No. And I'll tell you why. Over the last few months for one reason or another I have been unhappy with my locs, not because of sisterlocks, I still love them and that is what my foundation is. The difference is that with all the above I have tried so hard to recitfy the problems myself and almost came to the understanding that I would need to say goodbye to my locs and take them down, so in a way I have done my greiving should things go wrong with the extensions. I do not harbour bad feeling over the events that led me to this as I have learned so much in the process and should the extensions go wrong then I know what I want and will find a consultant that can install the sisterlocks or indeed microlocs that I want. Of course heart of hearts I am hoping that this will not go wrong and in a year or so's time I will cut off the 2-3 inches and have a good head of sisterlocks/microlocks/whateverlocs. Having said that, if I was or need to do it all again, the root beds would need to be larger because I just dont think they are strong enough to hold tiny locs but would flourish with larger ones.

After wash & dye

Is there any difference? Yes there is, I have escaped from bondage and today I dyed my hair jet balck (boring I know! but my favourite!) as well as washed without braiding and banding. My hair rejoiced halleulia as the water flowed through my scalp! I have also noticed that I dont seem to have that immediate itch as I did when I had to braid and band which is heaven sent! I will be washing my hair on a weekly basis especially now the time is warming up. I will hopefully still be going to my new consultant if she will have me and will more than likely take a class either official or unofficial to retighten my hair myself and I will be spritzing with water, rosemary oil and rose oil on an as needed basis.

After flat twisting, all apart from top left
So with all that said, no frills, nothing fancy, just me and my way of doing things. I hope I continue to receive the same support as I had done before and I continue to look forward on my journey x


Bajan Lily said...

Will you throw something at me if I say I can't see the difference? *grin*
Maybe it's because I always looked at your face in the photos and not the length of your hair... or maybe when I started reading I thought you were gonna say you added like 15 inches (silly me I know) :)

Anyway - I am glad you have found peace. Nuf love girl. xxx (Got my own drama to tell you about lol)

Mrs Mac's Corner... said...

Haha oh my gosh! you crack me up! I know not that much difference in length from the pics but it is only about 2-3 inches, it was roughly what I cut off in permed ends lol

You dont wanna know that I have started combinging again! Some of them are just too scrawny man!

Come, sit, mamma's got a cup of cocoa for you, what's up with you?? you know how to reach me! xx

Gerrylocs said...

hi dearest;

sorry to only post now, I was in Uganda for a few weeks and I had internet issues..

Your hair came out really lovey, the difference is major and hair canme out well.

Please take it easy with washing until your extensions settle, dry-wash as much as you can in the next 2 months.

thumbs up :-)

Mrs Mac's Corner... said...

Hi hun, thankx for the love, you know you were my number one inspiration!! I hear what u saying about the washing though cause I lost a small amount when I washed but I also coloured as well so maybe was a little thorough!! will try the dry washing.

I am really loving it not that I didnt love my locs in the first place, but I love them even more!

My daughter wants locs now too:)

Stay blessed

Mrs Mac's Corner... said...

Hun what do you use for the dry wash?