23 October 2011

What I've been up to part 1...

Hey fellow bloggers, its been a while since my last post and I thought I would put out an update. So much has happened in the last 4 months so this is part 1, part 2 will follow a few days behind.

Introducing.....Miss Mac!! That's right, my eldest daughter has been Sisterlocked.

This was a few months before her locs were installed, her hair was damaged by the continuous styling she done as well as peer pressure in secondary school  we reached for the chemical crack which only took 2 months to destroy her crown
Locs were installed after numerous conversations and late nights agonising over the decision!!
Loc Stats: 375 locs installed over 2 days, total of 10 hours with just over an inch new growth, standard sizing in July 2011, age 12, maximum attitude!   
Carnival Time August 2011, can we say shrinkage!!
September 2011 and looking good!!

What Miss Mac calls spider head!! Just before a wash and after being asked again, "when can we wash it without the plaits!! hehe soon baby, soon!

Miss Mac is very pleased with her hair and still has me in knots over the amount of styling she does, but we are working on minimal manipulation whilst they settle, she has asked since day one to have her pics posted on my blog and I am so pleased with my baby girl finally embracing her natural self even going against the odds at school and holding her own, beautiful.

Update on my locs in a few days!!


Gerrylocs said...

I was just about to drop you an email this week :-) Good to have you back my dear!

Miss Mac's locs are just beautiful, all the best in her new and exciting journey :-)

Can't wait to hear how you are doing with your own journey

Mrs Mac's Corner... said...

Lol, hello my dear, update to follow, with as few suprises!!